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Dr(a). Neenah Estrella-Luna

Dr(a). Neenah Estrella-Luna is a researcher, educator, advocate, and consultant focusing on issues related to social justice, social relations, and democratic governance.

Dr(a). Estrella-Luna is also an active member of the Massachusetts Advisory Committee for the US Commission on Civil Rights.

Dr(a). Estrella-Luna was a professor of law & policy and political sociology for 15 years before leaving academia. Despite what Google tells you, she DOES NOT work for Northeastern University.

What does she do?

She has co-led a variety of community based and participatory action research studies as well as traditional research addressing questions related to social resilience, environmental justice, community development, education, and public safety among other topics. 

She collaborates with grassroots organizations, community based organizations, government agencies, and policymakers to develop and advocate for policies and practices that support social equity in law.

How she helps foster change?

She works with organizations to create policies and systems to support equity and inclusion. In addition, she provides opportunities to communities and organizations to learn how they can contribute to dismantling the structures of White supremacy in human relationships and public policy. 

More About Dr(a). Estrella-Luna


Guided by justice

I am a recognized expert in areas related to social relations, social equity, and bias. I am grounded in the values of social justice, supporting the empowerment of minoritized groups, and protecting the most vulnerable. 

Advocate, activist, organizer

I have over two decades of experience in grassroots activism, policy advocacy, and community based organizing. From environmental justice to educational equity to immigrant rights to civic engagement. I have pushed from the outside and pulled from the inside. I have led when more hands have been needed and have been led by those who’ve  been closer to the pain.

Over 15 years as a university professor

I have been an educator for over 15 years at both research and teaching universities and at the community. I have mentored and supported scholars at all levels in their efforts to grow as educators, mentors, colleagues, partners, and policy advocates. I use my experience developing online and on ground academic curricula and learning programs to inform how I develop community based learning and unlearning opportunities. I also use my experience as a methodologist to inform the various ways in which information and data can be collected and analyzed to support community based research, organizational assessment, and other forms of gathering evidence to support equity-centering, inclusivity supporting, anti-racist initiatives and programs.

Experienced manager and leader

I collaborate across disciplines, professional boundaries, and generations to develop and introduce innovative policies, programs, and plans to create conditions for equity, inclusion, and belonging. Using methods developed in education, anti-racism research, civic engagement, and conflict resolution, I lead change where needed and build sustainable operations to position organizations for success.

Ways We Create Change



There is much much learning and unlearning to be done to create equity and social justice. After almost two decades as a university professor, We offer the opportunity for life-long learning to those interested in creating social equity, inclusion, and belonging to their community and organization.



Understanding and documenting social disparities is important to dismantling systems of oppression, creating equity in our society, and inclusion in our organizations We offer decades of experience in traditional, community based, and participatory action research studies addressing questions related to equity, justice, and resilience



Social inequity persists in part because of policies and practices that exclude people from public processes, push people to leave organizations, and prevent meaningful accountability for actions and decisions. We offer experience and training in policy development to improve policies and practices to foster long term change equity, inclusion, and belonging.


Professional Development

Listening, communication, self-reflection, and other practical skills are needed to overcome our socially conditioned fears and biases and create sustainable social change.

We offer individual and team based professional development opportunities to build practical skills and support resilience for social change processes.



Transforming systems and institutions requires a collaborative governance approach. I assist in developing collaborations within communities and between historically excluded and currently marginalized communities aimed at creating equity-centering, justice supporting policies, practices, and relationships.

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