StarLuna Consulting

Diversity is not the goal.

Anti-Racism is the goal.

Unlearning White Supremacy is the goal.

Liberation is the goal.

How can we help you center
social equity & anti-racism
in your work?

Unlearning is a collaborative process. Below you will find a multitude ways StarLuna Consulting fosters space where change can occur.


We offer a learning and unlearning series tailored to your community and organization focused on our history, social conditioning, and building new skills to create equitable and inclusive environments.


We offer decades of experience in traditional, community based, and participatory action research questions related to racial equity, social justice, resilience, and democratic governance.


We offer decades of experience and training to improve policies and practices to support long term public, community, and organizational change to support equity, inclusion, and belonging.

Professional Development

We provide individual and team based professional development opportunities to build practical skills and support social change processes.


We foster anti-racist, equity-centering collaborative governance and community engagement.


Meet Our Team

Dr(a). Neenah Estrella-Luna

Founder of StarLuna Consulting. Researcher, Advocate, and Writer.

Denice Villar

Executive Assistant.

Ready to engage in social change?

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